Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gift for my friend's son

My good friend is going to be celebrating her son's birthday. He is a Fall season baby. I really want to do something special for him. There is this family tree that I want to make for him. Maybe modify a little to fit the fall theme. Don't know how much time this project will take, but I am sure it will be lot of fun to do. Planning to use polymer clay to do this project and customize it with the fall colors. I think making custom gifts like this makes the occasion special. Let me see if I am able to make it at all in time for the b'day. Will update this blog accordingly. Wish me luck.The inspiration came from this fab blog. Check out the wall art made with cardboard -


  1. Best wishes with your new blog and also with making your interpretation of this lovely family tree.

  2. Thanks Ann, it is so cool to have such a creative person be the first person to comment on my blog.